Corporate Consulting:

Our business process always begins with client analysis; seeking to comprehensively understand their brand and objectives before recommending the specific sports marketing platform to reach their goals.
 Our Consulting Services 
  • Sponsorship Strategy

  • Property Recommendations, Negotiations and

  • Analysis of Existing Sponsorship Portfolio

  • Promotional Concepting and Activation

  • Event/On-Site and Field Activation

  • Sponsorship Hospitality

  • Media, PR  and social media leveraging

  • Website Development


Athlete Agents, Athlete Representation & Management, Athlete Sponsorships & Endorsements

TSM represents some of the most influential and recognizable athletes within the endurance
sports world.


We directly represent them and manage their marketing, sponsorships, endorsements, PR efforts, public speaking and charitable initiatives. 


Corporate Sponsorships, Marketing Strategies & Sponsorship Activation:

In our consulting business our goal, is to assist our clients in fully leveraging their sports marketing investment in ways that deliver tangible, measurable results targeted to achieving specifically defined business objectives. 


We create a market analysis, sponsorship strategy, sponsorship search - selection - negotiation, creating the sponsorship leveraging strategy, sponsorship implementation, sponsorship activation, and finally, on-going evaluation of the sponsorship results. 


Media, Public Relations &
Social Responsibility:

Media, PR & SR play an enormous role in our clients' public perception and therefore in the success of their sports sponsorship programs or athletic careers, be those our corporate clients or our individual athlete clients respectively. 


We employ traditional PR opportunities,  like television show appearances, print publication profiles, as well as strategies for understanding and maximizing the new and constantly evolving opportunities presented by social media.

TSM’s Expertise

  • Maximizing income potential with hands-on, strategic career management

  • Resources and expertise to generate value in all facets and phases of their career

  • Recurring revenue streams via endorsements, appearances and licensing

  • International medi exposure through a personalized public relations program